About us

There are some people who like to taste all flavours of life. They don’t like to settle for just one particular interest or profession. They can’t be satisfied with a structured lifestyle and monotonous routines. As they see life from a kaleidoscope which is full of opportunities. Nandita Gupta is one such crazy head. She likes to call herself “jack of all trades”. By her educational qualifications she is an MBA graduate from Manipal University who has specialised in Marketing and Brand Management. She has also been a gold medallist in Political Science and holds a degree in Mass Communication and Video Production. After working for esteemed corporates like Radisson Blu Genpact, for a few years, she went her way to start up something that she could be secured of and call it as solely HERS.

Hence Mango Souffle Productions was born.

Her enthusiasm for travelling and exploring the world never stopped and she started capturing her moments to showcase her photography to a wider audience.

  1. Nandita Gupta Photography
  2. Mango Souffle Productions