Golden Rules to Follow When Trying to Build a Profitable YouTube Channel

There are people earning substantial incomes from their YouTube Channel and you can to if you follow the golden rules we have prepared. These rules are not an “end all be all” solution, they will however stack the odds in your favor so you stand a better chance of success.  The first and to some most important objective when trying to create a profitable YouTube Channel is to build a large following of subscribers, the more people you can add to your subscriber base the more clout you will have when it comes to monetizing your content.

Building Momentum with a Limited Budget

One of the biggest challenges you will face at the start is how to build up your subscriber base with a limited budget. An effective way is to buy YouTube views, these views serve a few purposes but the most important is whenever a view is registered to your video, it sends a signal to YouTube that this video is popular and should move up to the “trending” tab. Whenever someone logs into his/her YouTube account on their dashboard will be a tab dedicated to trending videos and if you get enough of these views, your video will appear there, reaching millions of potential subscribers.

Along with appearing in the trending tab, another benefit when you buy YouTube views is that whenever a person does a search for whatever your video talks about, your video will appear prominently in the search results. This is similar to search engine optimization (SEO) but it is for YouTube and not a major search engine.

While producing your videos, you should try to incorporate a minimum of two (2) calls to action. The first at the start and the subsequent one at the end of the video asking the viewer to subscribe. By placing these call to action inside the video at both ends, you stand a better chance of converting that view into a subscriber which can help you make money.

Steps to Monetizing Your Subscribers

If you made it to this juncture in our golden rules, you are in good shape. You have a base of subscribers that watch your videos frequently so now it is time to begin making money. There are a variety of ways you can earn money from the videos you upload on YouTube. A common and simple way is to sign up for the YouTube monetization program. With this program advertisements are shown every time someone watches a video, so the more people who watch videos the more revenue you receive.

Along with using advertising on the videos, you can do sponsored reviews. Reach out to organizations that offer products/services related to the topics your videos talk about. The sponsor will pay you to review their product/service provided you encourage the viewers to consider purchasing whatever it is you are offering. This type of advertising can generate a massive amount of income provided you have a large base of subscribers.

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There is a plethora of ways you can make money online, you just need to follow the golden rules and you will be fine.